How to Cure Cold and Cough In 1 Day

How to cure cold and cough in 1 day


In this article, we will discuss the most common topic of Diseases: “How to cure cold and cough in 1 day” and “Why this problem arises” So let’s start – Cold and cough are common problems affecting people from every age group. It can be caused by viruses, bacteria, or even fungi. The best way to cure a cold and cough is to follow some home remedies for one day. We have listed five simple ways you can use at home to get rid of your cold quickly:



Ginger is an excellent remedy for colds and coughs, It helps in treating the symptoms of cold and cough, including sore throat, fever and fatigue.

Ginger contains vitamin C which is known as an immune booster that can help you fight off viruses like the flu easily by boosting your immune system’s strength. Vitamin C also helps reduce inflammation which causes pain in your body due to its ability to kill virus cells quickly without causing any side effects on the human body like itching or swelling at all!

Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties so it will help reduce swelling around your sinuses too! This means less mucus builds up around them so there won’t be any more trouble breathing through them either which leads us back to another benefit – better digestion!


Warm Water

In order to cure cold and cough in one day, you need to drink warm water. Warm water helps in loosening the mucus and loosens the chest. It also helps in reducing throat irritation by increasing blood circulation around your throat.


Garlic is an excellent remedy for cold and cough. It can be taken in raw form or as garlic juice.

To prepare fresh garlic juice:

Crush garlic cloves and extract the juice by squeezing the pulp with your hands. You should use fresh squeezed juice only, as it has better results than bottled ones (which tend to contain preservatives).



Honey is a natural remedy for cold and cough. It can be used to treat sore throat, chest congestion and even colds.

Honey has antimicrobial properties which make it an excellent choice to fight infections in your body. It contains enzymes that help in breaking down the viruses causing the infection making them less infectious or even disappear completely!



Lemon is a natural antihistamine and can be used to cure sore throat by closing up the nose. Also, lemon is known to be an effective decongestant that helps you feel better faster.

To use this remedy at home: Take half a lemon and squeeze it into a glass of water for about 10 minutes before drinking it (or make some lemonade). This will help relieve any congestion in your chest area!


One Can easily cure Cold and Cough in one day

Take a hot shower. A steamy bath is an excellent way to relieve sinus congestion, which will help your body’s immune system fight infection.

Drink warm water: Warm liquids are also known for their ability to loosen mucus production in the throat, which makes it easier for you to breathe through your nose (and therefore less likely that you’ll develop a sore throat). You can find these healing properties by adding lemon or lime juice into your glass of warm water—it’s also great if you’re feeling under the weather because this combination has been shown effective against bronchitis symptoms as well!

Eat ginger: Ginger root contains anti-inflammatory compounds called gingerols that act like cortisone; they help reduce swelling by reducing inflammation caused by allergic reactions such as hay fever or eczema flare-ups.”



Most cases of the common cold get better without treatment, usually within a week to 10 days. But a cough may linger for a few more days. The best thing you can do is take care of yourself while your body heals. You can easily cure a cold and cough in one day.
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