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In this article, we are going to discuss “5 Foods to avoid at Dinner “.Dinner is the most Sensitive meal of the day one might get away with an unhealthy bite during the day but post sunset when the digestive capacity of the body reduces wrong foods can seriously sabotage health goals let alone junk food even the healthiest of foods can cause indigestion over some time. Wrong dinner options can cause gain in weight, loss of skin glow, hair fall, disturb sleep, lethargy, and even chronic health problems. Here are five foods that you should avoid during dinner along with healthier alternatives.


Leafy Vegetables

Starting with number 1 on the list are leafy vegetables. When it comes to iron and essential micronutrients leafy vegetables are powerhouses but being such nutrient-dense foods they aren’t so easy to digest and ayurveda suggests that they best be avoided in dinner “SHOCKED” Well a food may be a superfood on paper but if consumed at the wrong time it can turn into a nightmare. Consuming green leafy vegetable curry for dinner can make you toss and turn in bed the whole night and It may cause gas headaches and diarrhea.

However, if you want to consume green leafy vegetables after sunset first ensure that they are cooked and not raw secondly when it comes to leafy vegetables “Less is More” Let’s say you plan to have chapati for dinner so while Preparing the dough add a few leaves of green leafy vegetable to it similarly a few leaves can be put in dals, soups, rice, pulao, etc. Avoid having them as a main course curry so foods like Palak paneer, Saag, and Aloo methi are best if consumed in lunch. This way your digestive system won’t be overloaded and you will get the maximum benefit from green leafy.



Number two is Salads. Want to lose weight? Start eating salads for dinner How often this advice is thrown at you but you need not torture yourself as salads are not ideal dinner food. It’s the exact opposite of eating right. Salads are cold in potency and it requires a lot of heat to get digested which is compromised in the absence of sun with digestive juices being diluted “Hopping on a salad is like throwing wood in a burnt-outa fire” This is the reason people who eat salads for dinner are more prone to gas bloating and other digestive disorders.

If at all you can’t do without having salad firstly keep the quantity low, Secondly avoid cold watery vegetables like cucumber, reddish, and beetroot rather prefer hot-natured options like carrots, turnips, tomatoes, and capsicum.

Also do not forget to add further heat to them in the form of spices this will meet their cooling effect to some extent Although it is most wise to consume vegetables in the form of soup. During dinner, soups are not only packed with nutrients but are also much easier for the body to digest Tomato soup, corn soup, or mixed vegetable soup are not just tasty but also filling and One can add roasted makhana to add calcium and crunch to them.

Similarly sprouts should absolutely be avoided for dinner no doubt they are among the most nutrient dense foods on the planet but eating them for dinner you are doing more harm than good. This is the reason Ayurveda presses so much on the right way of consuming foods like sprouts which are not just raw but heavier to digest than salads so strictly keep them limited till lunch.




At number 3 are fruits. Fruits are the most hypersonic foods that are ideal for the body and mind, However, not for dinner the fruits being raw can give a tough time for the stomach to digest. As per Ayurveda, mucus-forming fruits like Bananas, cold-natured fruits like guava, citrus fruits like oranges, and watery fruits like watermelon should strictly be avoided after sunset.

Fruit is best consumed before 5 pm although if you wish to have a piece of fruit after sunset prefers hot-natured fruits like Mango, pineapple, musk, melon, litchi,  papaya, and dates. They are naturally potent; however, the less potency, the better. Also, one should make it a point to always consume fruit before and not after a main meal. Some people mistakenly consume fruits after a meal, as do the Swedish. This is bound to cause digestive problems, of course, some fruits like mango are an exception. Fruit juices are even worse because they are cooler than fruits, and since they are devoid of fiber, drinking them after sunset is simply asking for trouble.



At number 4 is curd No doubt curd is a storehouse of protein and essential micronutrients But that doesn’t mean it can be consumed at any time of the day. According to Ayurveda curd is a strict no after sunset that’s because post sunset our body’s temperature naturally dips, Curd being cool and mucus forming if consumed for dinner it blocks the subtle channels and May become the reason for cough, soreness, throat runny nose, sinus, fever, and constipation.

Although, if on a certain rare occasion, you can’t do without curd, ensure that you reduce its cooling properties by generously adding black pepper to it. A healthier alternative can be spiced buttermilk, which serves the purpose. Definitely not ideal, but still better than curd. Even lemon can be added guilt-free to pulses to experience the tangy flavor that all curd lovers crave.


Wrong food combinations as per ayurveda

Heavy foods

Finally at number five is heavy food. Heavy food doesn’t necessarily have to be outside food, although dining out for lunch is surely a wise decision. Overeating healthy food can cause trouble too, especially after sunset. However, certain foods and combinations are intrinsically hard to digest.

Let me quickly share three such foods. First, beans: it is best to avoid chickpeas, black chana, and kidney beans for dinner. Instead, you can have lentils. Khichdi with an equal amount of hand-pounded rice and moong dal is among the top dining options. Yes, rice can be taken at night. Just make sure to add heating spices like bay leaf and black pepper to it. The second is roti and rice together. Do you often eat wheat roti and rice together? It’s too heavy for dinner. It is an ideal food to gain weight, but should be kept limited till lunch time third combining two protein-dense foods like lentils and paneer for dinner is like tripling on a bike you might have to pay for it later.


Foods to avoid at dinner


In the end, Dinner should be eaten like a popper light and easy to digest. Dal rice, chapati with dal, or a seasonal curry and soups are ideal food and should be cooked and spiced well to make up for the absence of sun. Most importantly dinner should be eaten no later than 7 pm of course one can have a glass of milk 30 minutes before going to sleep at night.

However, If on a certain day, you have a late heavy dinner rather than regretting it start the dinner with ginger salad and after dinner drink, about 50 ml of hot water should be so hot that you are forced to drink it step by step, then go for a walk. This will greatly help you. Ayurvedic scriptures point out that if one just learns to eat dinner the right way sleep quality will improve, skin luster will be back, hair problems will subside, groggy mornings will be history, and one no more need many doctors in life.

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